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Presque Isle, Erie PA

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The Boston Marathon

We do not know which year or years the Erie Marathon will qualify you for. We find out when the Boston Athletic Association makes their announcement to the general public. The fastest way for you to find out is to Click Here to see the Official Boston Athletic Association Website. If the information is not there yet, you will need to keep checking back until it is. The Boston Athletic Association does not give any running organization advance notice. We find out when you find out!

What is the course like?

Well, it doesn’t get much flatter! There is less than a 250 foot total change in elevation for the marathon. The running surface is mostly asphalt but there is still about a third that is concrete. However, most of the course offers a grass surface along the paved surface should you choose to run there. There is a considerable amount of shade and sun on the course so it just depends upon if your glass is half full or half empty.

Can I get a refund, deferral or transfer for my entry?

The Erie Marathon is non-refundable and cannot be deferred or transferred. Sorry, no exceptions.

What accommodations are available for out of town racers?

For a list of accommodations located near our area, please Click Here to view the Visit Erie official website.

Can I pick up my packet race morning?

You may pick up your race packet on race morning. However, the Erie Runners Club strongly advises you to pick it up the day before the race. We have extended packet pick-up hours on Saturday from noon until 7PM. If you opt to pick up your race packet on Sunday morning, please be advised that we will not delay the start of the race due to participants waiting in line.

Can someone else pick up my packet for me?

No. Each race participant must pick up their own packet. Photo identification is required when picking up race bib.

Where do I park?

On day of race we will have parking Tom Ridge Center and Waldameer Park. There will be shuttle buses to take you from these lots to the start area starting at 5:30 am. It is a short distance downhill if you choose to walk. Do not park on the side of the road inside the park. It is a violation of Presque Isle State Park Rules. You will be cited and fined if you park on the side of the road.

How early do I need to arrive?

If you have already picked up your race packet/number, you should plan to be at Waldameer no later than 6:15 AM. If you don’t have your race number yet, then plan on being at the park at least 30 minutes sooner. We will not delay the start for late participants.

Do you have pace groups?

Yes. This year we have the experienced pace team from To read details about their lineup, Click Here.

Where will there be gels available?

The gels (vanilla bean) will be available at approximately mile # 14. Please do not discard gel packaging or trash by throwing it in the woods. Throw it on the edge of the road..

Is there electrolyte at every aid station?

Electrolyte (GU Brew) and water will be available at all 26 aid stations (approximately one every mile).

Details about Porta Potties/Bathrooms

There will either be porta potties or bathrooms spaced a mile apart on the entire Erie Marathon course. We will be providing extra porta potties at the start/finish area to ensure adequate facilities in the event that the park bathrooms are inaccessible.

Can I have someone drive alongside me while I race?

No. This is specifically prohibited. You will be disqualified if you have a friend, family member, coach, etc. drive alongside you. This activity is grounds for immediate disqualification.

How do I determine how far it is from my lodging to the Erie Marathon starting line?

To determine how far it is from your accommodations to the Erie Marathon starting line, use the address for your hotel as the start and the address for Sara’s Eatery – 25 Peninsula Drive Erie, PA 16505 as the end. Then add .5 miles to your total.

Is this a Boston Qualifier course? When I BQ when will I be able to apply to Boston?

Yes we are a Boston Qualifier USATF certified course. Historically, the Erie Marathon has over 30% of our marathon finishers qualify for Boston. Our results will be provided to Boston Athletic Association in a timely manner to support your application. You will need to check the Boston Athletic Association website directly to find out when registration opens for the Boston Marathon.

Does the Erie Marathon have a time limit?

Yes. Our time limit is 6 hours for the marathon. Our race is held inside Presque Isle State Park and the 6 hour time limit is strictly enforced. However, you can still finish and receive an award medal, but the course will be closed. This means that the road is open to traffic and you must complete your race by running on the all-purpose trail near the road.

Can my friend, spouse, family member or coach run or walk beside me?

No. If you are joined or accompanied by an unregistered runner or walker, you will be disqualified.

Can my friend, spouse, family member or coach bike beside me?

NO! Bikes, roller blades, strollers, etc, are not permitted on the course for safety reasons. You will be disqualified if this occurs.

Can my dog race along with me?

Documented service dogs are permitted to accompany the individual that they are registered to. Proper documentation will be required. Any racer accompanied by their dog(s) will be immediately disqualified.

Can I use a drone to record my race?

No. The use of drones are not permitted in any Pennsylvania State Park, including Presque Isle State Park. Any racer caught using a drone on Presque Isle will be immediately disqualified. Any racer or spectator caught using a drone will be turned over to Presque Isle State Park Police. Drone use inside a state park is a violation of state law.

What is the race premium this year?

The race premium is a microfiber shirt. It is gender specific. Please pay close attention to the details when you register for the race to ensure you get the best option for your specific size and gender.

Can I exchange my race shirt?

Depending upon availability, you might be able to exchange for a different size AFTER the race.

Will there be extra event shirts available for purchase?

There will be a limited quantity of race merchandise available for purchase.

Is there a bag drop available for the race?

Yes, the Erie Marathon has a bag drop area available for participants. It is located near the Beach One/Erie Runners Club Pavilion. Your race bib comes with a tear-off tag to tie to your bag for ease of identification. You will need your race bib as ID when picking it up post-race.

Is there an entrance cap for this race?

Yes. The Erie Marathon is capped at 2,200 participants.

Can my family see me on the course? If so, where?

Yes. To relieve traffic congestion and confusion; and to make our race participants safer, we will have buses for spectators. They will run a loop and let spectators off and on at the best sites to see their runner. All racers may walk to the start line or ride a bus to Beach 1. You must show your bib to ride the participant bus. Spectators will be directed to their own buses.

Are iPods/MP3 players allowed?

We do not disallow headphones. We ask that you keep the volume low enough that you can hear pre-race instructions, as well as directions from road marshals on the course.

Is there a Half Marathon or Marathon Relay at the Erie Marathon?

The Erie Runners Club offers a Half Marathon in July. You can find that information by clicking on the Erie Runners Club link at the top right hand corner of this website page. We do not currently have any plans to offer a Marathon Relay.

When/where can I pick up my award?

Awards may be picked up as soon as the results are posted by the timer.  They will be available at the Beach One/Erie Runners Club Pavilion. Awards will not be mailed.

Erie Marathon Race participants gather pre-race to wish each other luck. Race encouragement for the Erie Marathon. Beautiful sunset on Presque Isle after the Erie Marathon.